31 October 2011

Empowerment of Non-Choosing

Fascinated by anyone who
did not choose anything about their birth
which so far, is everyone I have ever met. 
In which case, anyone as helpless.
Oddly enough, in this regard, anyone as helpful!
Because in this way, everyone shares the same buoyancy.
-- a weathered resilience to overcome.

27 October 2011


I want to stay. There is so much
light. You are there. I
am gone now. I feel the
dark ocean. Why
are we running? How high
is that wall? I hear
laughter. Do you
know what this is? Who does
the following? Energy chases
the mysterious. Seduce
the imagination. Into madness,
where dreams save. What if
seduction is not all
it appears to be? Luring
eyes stoke the fire. How
love burns for desire.

07 October 2011

Finding Irresistible

Past delusion,
Further than delight.
It is there; all the same, and ever-changing.
Hold onto it purposefully,
so you feel it slip away.
sense it drift astray…
It will lead, you will guide.
Both are grappling
To survive.