14 August 2012

Ever Short

I. Truths - however short. Questions - whyever short?
II. How ever short of truth, why ever short of wonder?
III. Whyever short of wonder, however short of truth?
IV. However tall a truth, whyever short a wonder?

03 August 2012

Ode to MLK Jr

Of a man who lives –to see to it–; whose fisted hand firmly holds humanity’s dignity, who raises it high in common brotherhood and lowers it with courageous conviction, whose arms are links in an unyielding demand for freedom and respect, whose mind dreams on and on, whose feet march on and on, whose soul hopes on and on, whose heart loves on and on, whose spirit struggles relentlessly to bring: Power to the People!

01 August 2012

Strength of Vulnerability

Unguarded, uncertain, uncomfortable, nerve-wracking. Questions making way for potential, for tolerance, for understanding. Open to groundbreaks, to heartbreaks. Belief in self-worth, turning pain to power. Ready to chance, dare, serve, love. Vulnerability, a warm hug, the courage to feel. Are you alive?