29 November 2012

O the hour

In this second is everything. A simple moment, yet illimitably deep and dynamic. In this minute life everywhere is budding with purpose and in it I, alive with intention, bubbling with joy, flowing over brim. And you, a gem. Unique. Pure wonderment! Nothing alike and it not unlike you. Sometimes I can hardly believe my eyes. Better I trust. It's here and now. Happening in a snap. Already gone. So seize. Flashes of inspiration. Jazz hands. We're riding the storm or the wave and I wander closer to and farther from. And what marvels beyond the Tree of Knowledge but the sacred Tree of Life? Imagination.

As I step onto the sidewalk, I'm amazed at the gentleman walking toward me with his air and that smile. Not long after, I cross a river bridge, and over there I see a child. She’s running to the poppy garden, and crouches to touch a bushy bulb. I wonder, and I think she wonders too, if she's gunna snap one of those flimsy intoxicating flowers off at stem. She hesitates. It has its place, its peace. Who’s to yank it from roots and leave thirsty and dry? Water, water, O holy water! Moving like there ain't no boundaries. Like we’re all one and this is all the same old story but unraveling in another way? Hopefully this time better than last. We might learn from ourselves or those hanging golden stars. Blanket of warm light in darkness. Hark! It may be love which holds the firmament. Maya Angelou. We hope, and it's faith in dawn that keeps us going. Go, go, and stop. Ready, set... soar again! Glide like a butterfly, sting like a bee -Muhammad Ali. Suddenly, there's that ol’ boxer buzz. Pollinated vibrations electrically charged. I put my finger on it; can make your hair stand straight up! Absolutely enthralled and I know I am freedom! Fertility I tell you. Dance because today is given to us. And the greatest art gallery we'll see is the one we're already in. It's better than any factory production. Enchanted.

All this excitement has me tired now. I rest, breathing, still in a turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless, neither coming nor going. Zen. Natured and nurtured. How intricate yet punchy this second. Weird and wonderful this minute. This is luscious stuff and O the hour.