Jellyfish Mystique (2011)
50 x 120 cm 


La Métamorphose du Vide (2011)
40 x 50cm

A Change in Perception Bends the Direction (2011)
3 pieces total: 100 x 50cm

Delights and Delusions of the Floating World (2011)

A Bear Plays a Tune Beneath an Orange (2011)

"Every Heart is a Package Tangled up in Knots Someone Else Tied" (2011)
design inspired by Josh Ritter, Kathleen

Perspectives (2008)
25 x 30 cm
Second in silver rims gifted to a special Frenchman

Tainted (2011)
25 x 30 cm

Rapunzel (2011)
25 x 30 cm 
Would be grateful if anyone comes across this grey scale sketch online, and could share the source with me so I can give the artist credit. Altered sketch, conceived and added color, lost source along the way. possible keyword search: Rapunzel, hair, sketch

St. Lunaire Coast (2007)
60 x 50 cm
Based on a photo I captured while on holiday with a dear family. I painted their delightful summer escape which they later hung in their home that they so kindly opened up to me.

Maya Angelou (2004)
after reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Versailles Cooridor (2007)
Painted from a photograph I took of a coordidor in Palais de Versailles. I was captured by the depth, light, and texture of the hall and wanted to try to understand these elements more through drawing.

Bathroom Beauties (2008)
My mother and sister's asked me to paint a vision they had for their bathroom. Thanks for the space ladies, hope you have enjoyed :-)

Sky Dancing (2008)
Inspired by Josh Groban's, You Raise Me Up
In this painting I did not want light to be realistically depicted. I highlighted the pair dancing with a simple even spot light, to place focus on their actions. Though I wanted the background to have more depth and emphasize movement. I hesitated adding color, tried shades of yellow beams in the spot light... ended up painting over the rays.