A space dedicated to sharing awe stunning moments. Below, a compilation of posts that made someone stop and wonder, question, shout, dance, or simply just marvel. Enjoy!

Matt Corby gig:
Different Pulses:
Spoken Word Entertainment:
Voice of Trees:
Angelou, love:
Maya Angelou, 1%:
Chaplain, The Kid:
Power of Introverts:
The Man Who Planted Trees:
Partial reading of Twain's War Prayer:
Do you Believe in Magic?:
On the Road Again:
Sly Stone:
Cohen's Prince of Asturias Speech:
Albert Camus, 1958:
Nature's Imagination, Feynman:
Dub FX:
Pilobolus Symbiosis:
SN 1572:
Book Shelves:
Abandoned Places:
Irving Layton: The Birth of Tragedy
E.E. Cummings:
Leon Botha:
The Laughing Heart:
Banjo Clarke:
Pale Blue Dot:
Rivers and Tides Extract:
Talent for teaching:
"Litany" reciting:
The Arrival:
Keith Jarrett:
Dance, Dance, Dance:
Emotive performance:
Stormy Weather Tap:
Runaway Ballet:
Felix Cane, Pole Dancing Extraordinaire:  
Spacial Sound:
Sound of Silence:
Project Gutenberg:
Education Reform:
Impressive tribute:
Soulful harmonica:
Waits reads Nirvana by Butowski:
Dream on:
Feynman on beauty:
Playing for Change:
A thousand kisses deep:
Cohen, marvelously aloof and discrete:
Endless flight: 
Chilling version of Cohen by Buckley:
Oval room:
Stunning skies:
A whale's gratitude:
Older Chests:
Asaf Avidan:
Chaplain, The Gold Rush:

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Buildings are a reflection from behind the viewer looking into a window displaying suspended eggs.