28 July 2012

for Lovers

Embarce that you won't know
why, it is so. And so it is,
better that way. Just as lovers are better
apart. (Well, not really, but a certain differentiation helps

to hold onto perspective, be thankful,
stay wildly curious about another, build
passion in the tension between connection, find
mystery in how you act out your play).

If they're you, and you them, then you're bored
all over again. Unable to will yourself to move, an awkward
four legged two headed monster stuck in a fear driven draw between
whose numbskull is going to shoot first?

The world's on fire! You've got to pick up your feet, darling!
We'll fuck up. So forget about it.
Love often. Go! Where these words don't mean a thing.
Talk about shit with integrity. Smile because it's happening.

O, Yes! It's happening,
like the engagement we're born into. Be
glad you're alive to see
how this old flame still burns.