Time (2006)
Inspired by Jim Croce, Time in a Bottle. It more or less attempts to represent a continuum of life, using endless connected circles illustrating distinct yet overlapping phases. The ends are yellow representing light, the white represents void, the red largest and most centered circle represents bliss.

Pocket Watch (2011)
Caption: Time pushes on and there is no escape, it is no wonder a pocket watch comes with a chain. Time is a funny thing, everyone experiences it differently but we all can agree it feels as if to move swiftly or drag depending on our perspective. We are absolutely bounded to time, though not necessarily bounded by it. How remarkable when we perceive time as open and endless, standing still or completely freed.

Closer to -- Farther From (2011)
Designed this in 2009 influenced by a Persian poet, Rumi. It stands to say that out beyond all ideas of good and bad (moral judgment), that there is always a common ground we peacefully share.  I have come to love the idea of a field as a flat neutral ground easily accessible to all and open as far as the eyes can see. The closer we are to something, inherently the farther our perspective is from something else. There are may delights and delusions that attract us closer to or farther from in this floating world...
amongst diversions I am particularly drawn to those "fields" of commonality.

A Bear Plays a Tune Beneath an Orange Moon (2011)
Designed after having day dreamed a band of creatures playing instruments

Rumi (2011)
<All day and night music, a quiet, bright reed song. If it fades, we fade>

The Bite of Adder pt. 1 (2011)
Designed while reading Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra . The snake has wrapped himself around the Matterhorn mountain, and a walking stick with red amber (passion guiding). The snake is tangled by an eternal loop of engagement, causing aggression towards the very fruit that feeds the snake.

Uluru (2011)
My great uncle was fascinated with Ayers Rock and I became interested in Aborigines culture. I found it incredible the difference in perspective between the British and the Australian Aborigines, how unfortunate mediation was handled. When it came to land rights the Uluru people began to think of themselves as property owners in order to keep their native heritage which they describe as feeling utterly unnatural since <the land grows all of us up>. 

Every Heart is a Package (2011)
design inspired by Josh Ritter's <Kathleen>
Despite being largely shaped by our experiences, knots can be untied. And what beautiful moments those are! Especially when we did not realize how tangled we had become in the first place.

Death as the Enigma, Art as the Engine (2011)
design inspired by a Josh Ritter quotation

Everything was Going to the Beat (2011)
After all those hours in class spinning geography globes, and pointing a finger to where you'd travel next, I started to wonder what really makes the world go around and imagined sheets of music wrapped up around the globe, then pulled tight as if to let a spinning top loose. The world fell into a perpetual spin where everything was going to the beat.

Glory (2011)
This image was seen impressed onto a cloud while tandem hangliding at 2,300 meters. It was bitter cold so I was pleasantly surprised to find that a cloud the pilot took us through warmed me up. I had always thought clouds to cast shadows of cool blankets, until then.

Perception (2011)
Part of the sketch for a three piece painting combining reoccurring themes. The idea of a change in perception bends the direction which is woven with Delights and Delusions of the Floating World, anchored in the background is the large pocket watch. There banner across quotes Rumi <Out beyond ideas of wrong doings and right doings, there is a field. I will meet you there>. 

Poor Projections (2011)
Designed on a day when a young child who I became close with had repeated some sharp crooked words of his mother. How that stung to hear innocence had learned such unkind concepts about strangers ... I thought to Dawn.

Fathomlessly Out of Our Hands (2011) 
words by Fyfe Dangerfield, When You Walk in a Room
Frivolous, Fragile, Frail, Flimsy, Feeble, Friable, Fine, Fracturable....F's Fluttered around me as I listened to Fyfe sing about Fathomlessness. How Feeble is Fate? How Feeble are Feelings? It is no wonder I thought to butterFlies and their patterns.

Hell on Earth (2011) 

Towers of Truth (2011)