29 July 2011

Rocky Rendition

I met a garrulous man with jagged teeth,
which some people found were hideous,
which I thought were a stunning rendition of the Rockies,
which when his mouth was open widest,
yielded a matchless crooked horizon.

In his repellent smile,
I mounted the peaks of Beaver Creek,
by a worn trail ground from aged bread.
I may have been there for a week,
tendering all the bends from end to end.

Upon his ailing cough I returned,
to the rough unyielding streets,
where his smile faced rigid jaws,
maws too stern to understand his greet.

featured in Poetry Rivals Collection 2011: Words Everlasting. Publisher: Forward Poetry.


Have I lost touch? Have you lost reception?
The frequency is changing. Have we lost connection?
My arms are wide open embracing the seas
Awaiting the tide that will carry a breeze
Through this chest of mine which has grown with the trees
Where I have scribbled in words behind all their leaves
Pollinated vibrations buzz with the bees
Who are making the honey to cure our disease
Warm from the tea but cold from the hollow
Whose prescription is harder and harder to swallow
It's a pulse; it's a wave, between us and a grave
Have I been brave? Am I outside my cave?
If you loose touch and I loose reception,
If the frequency changes and we loose connection,
I'll think to the moments we carried the rays
Past the cream couloured clouds above the blue jays.

25 July 2011

Towers of Truth

Peace found me
in awe-stunned lands,
architectural marvels
built by human hands.
I considered home
the pink moon above,
watched Towers of Truth
soar higher than doves.
I began to notice
some wonder filled things,
the souls of the residents
bounded the strings
that kept the Truth Towers
sound and secure,
able to endure falsehearted wind
and fog impure.
In this fable,
trust was stable.

21 July 2011

Eyes of Galaxies

two brimful black
holes, centered by a billion
birthing stars (tracing all that ever
was and will be,
gracing all that ever
is and may be)
holds this kind of gem
for an endless
ellipse, moving
farther from
and closer to, his
brilliant cracked universe

18 July 2011

Frank and the News

Frank is after beauty.
He has been collecting style for months now,
by following a greasy musk.
Though his attention holds longer for why and how --
than for scuttling hearsay by dusk.

Where heavy stories are forced down
Frank is hard-pressed
upon thin frail wood until
words bark!
As time does, he pushes on.

Newspapers are things he values enough to throw
out, the window they go!

11 July 2011

Captain Surrend(h)er

gather around for a story of grace and glory
a young ships man ventures at sea
laughter and harps lead Him to harbor
alas a cure for His malady!
Her spine, Her dance, Her fleeting glance
the northern star dims with the catch of Her eye
a white flag raised in His tainted heart
that found solace warmth in Her lullaby
His ships falling apart with every crashing wave
explored Himself well in His sacred cave
but Himself with another…
how would He behave?
She loves, She cares, She simply swears
He protects the boundaries of Her dare
She lets Him be captain
but leaves a hand on the wheel
His white flag tears in a wicked storm
thunder rolls with His guilt
I abandoned my vessel
my treasure I groomed and built.
will a change in perception bend His direction?
three sheets to the wind, He will follow the bright
the ropes of the sails are the strings to His heart
a sway in the seas strums a cord of unease
tides of adieu from mates at the shore
of into the coldness once more?
not with His lonesome, She comes if She please
Her and Him hail the horizon bouquet
His soul shining brighter than the sun that day.

The Doom of Destiny

Am I fated?
Do I choose love?
When do I follow?
Why do I move?
Where am I going?
I dream of there, though I am here.
I dream of here, while I am there.
I dream,
I am the face of every smiling soul.
I smile,
I soul.

09 July 2011

Fiat Lux

With a stroke of the keys I catch the infection;
somehow somewhere I see my reflection.
Impermanence can both brighten and shadow a day;
the tide of memory drifts forth and away.
My feet want to move, I have legs after all.
How does light differ in heart and that fiery ball?
Dance near enough to see how one burns brighter,
yet both seem to obscure and inspire.
The warmth of another for a place in time,
such moments define the surreal and sublime.

Atomic Paradox

Their atomic existence is a paradox. 
Reduction makes each functioning missile that much more valuable.
What binary beasts!
once gravity grabs hold,
there is no turning back.

Are you sure?

Hell on Earth

Hell is where the soul stands still gazing at a blanket of stars...


Your tongue sends a signal
sometimes to a wall,
bouncing back so swiftly you happen to fall
every so often getting lost in abyss
drifting through stillness
how could it be missed?
Good vibrations will echo forever and far
duplicating with distance
giving birth to a star.
Where as its harder to carry a repulsive wave,
black holes attract odious words to their grave.

Beneath an Orange Moon

Off into the night, across the terrain,
by a faint northern light, through a frosty moraine --
there a bear plays a tune beneath an orange moon,
while a whale drums a beat that's hard to repeat.

And if it's all a bit odd, tell me whats the surprise?
what happens behind you is far from your eyes.
the probability is low as calculations will show,
but nothing is sure and chance will occur.

And if you started to believe me I am sorry to say,
it was my imagination that came out to play.
It's not to deceive, just merely convey,
that it's tough to be sure so carefully sway.


Why look so far to the birth of a star?
The light of day came before you anyway.
To catch a glimpse of its glory,
For love of a story!