11 July 2011

Captain Surrend(h)er

gather around for a story of grace and glory
a young ships man ventures at sea
laughter and harps lead Him to harbor
alas a cure for His malady!
Her spine, Her dance, Her fleeting glance
the northern star dims with the catch of Her eye
a white flag raised in His tainted heart
that found solace warmth in Her lullaby
His ships falling apart with every crashing wave
explored Himself well in His sacred cave
but Himself with another…
how would He behave?
She loves, She cares, She simply swears
He protects the boundaries of Her dare
She lets Him be captain
but leaves a hand on the wheel
His white flag tears in a wicked storm
thunder rolls with His guilt
I abandoned my vessel
my treasure I groomed and built.
will a change in perception bend His direction?
three sheets to the wind, He will follow the bright
the ropes of the sails are the strings to His heart
a sway in the seas strums a cord of unease
tides of adieu from mates at the shore
of into the coldness once more?
not with His lonesome, She comes if She please
Her and Him hail the horizon bouquet
His soul shining brighter than the sun that day.