31 August 2011

Purpose of Coming

There was everything and nothing in the void.
It was what Frank made it.

Do you know of this place?
                All that ever was, is, and will be of this place, I know.
                How did you come to find me?
Mind drifted.
                There is a purpose for you to have come,
                Wouldn’t you say?
Frank silently stood still.
Where do I move onto?
                Depends on where you are looking.
Well I am looking for a way out.
                There are all possible ways out.
                Your mind will escape when it can.
And my body?
                One in the same, you are made of movement.
And my soul?
                It remains yours to be, unless you have sold out. Though, the lost can be found 
                if they are in some way identifiable.

Frank saw purpose in taking on the floating world
and being taken by it.
A re-vision not for change sake,
for our sake.