25 April 2012


There you are. Just-in-time!
--Time, for what?
For here. Now, what’s the forecast?
--Ah, hazy.
How will you cope?
--Not sure.
No, the answer is Yes.
--Hey, that's not square.
Who said anything about fair? Truth or dare...
--Why me?
Why not? Ready...Get set...G-
--O! To fly, or not to fly? That is the question.
No, that is the fact. This is your circumstance; face-it.
--Attention crew and passengers, this is your captain speaking. Hold on to your seat!
Right, you’ve got it.
--This is absurd.
Wrong, this is resilience.
--Like a rock?
Like a rubber band.
--If I stretch too far?
Snap back. Keep on your toes. Now jump!
--Like jumping rope?
No, keep your feet on the ground.
--You told me I had to fly.
You do. Now fly, like you mean it!
--This is ridiculous.
Indeed! That's it.
--Thank you.
On standby...