01 May 2012

Crimson Ruby

Yes, I’m here to see you.
No, I’m not a thief.
This is lust, drop some fear, pick up some trust.
I didn’t come to take it. It’s yours.
Besides, I fall up. Better if you keep it.
Plus, I’ve already got one of those crimson rubies.
It’s cracked like anything else, except somehow not broken.
I’m fond of here. There are put-rights all around this harbour.
Perhaps I’ll get to mend my sail.
Could use some help though.
The seams are rough and raw. Needles, they poke; threads, they choke.
A fine work takes careful patching. We’ve got time.
Destined for our haven! Meanwhile, come closer.
I’m generous. I'll open my chest so you can see it.
Take my hand. Take even my breath.
Just don’t run off with my ruby.

How did I end up with yours? I didn't mean for that.
Did I mistake your gem for mine? They’re the same shape and colour.
Maybe I am a crook.
Where is mine? Did you steal it in avenge?
This is demeaning!
Since when did two wrongs make a right?
And now where has my sail gone? Do you have that too?
Is that what we get, a bunch of twisted unfamiliar knots in the ropes of our vessel?
Are we really left with less than with what we came?
I’ll be a ghost if I lock my chest. My shadow is anchor enough.
I followed the light of your home.
Or, was it the light of the moon?

Ah, the curse of the crimson ruby!
So that’s how the legend has it.
But we all carry one; there must be a great value.
We can't all be damned from the start.
I believe in all its treasure-- its power, its pleasure.  
I’ve heard you can find blessings in disguise.
Besides, I know that you can’t possibly have mine.
You don't even mean to go near it.
You're just following your own.
How could you hold onto mine when you’re always falling up?
How would you break mine into pieces? It’s already cracked.
Let's put this right.
Why was it I came here? Oh yes, some light.
Its curse must be a dark misunderstanding.
Love is in disguise!
Your ruby has an irresistible charm.
I believe it’s in the way you polish it. 
I love you with all of mine you know.

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