15 May 2012

Sparkle Core : Twinkle Eye

You’re beautiful.
From your twinkle eye to your sparkle core.

You forget how brilliant you are.
All those spinning twisted thoughts drawing your skies grey.
Picking up your home pieces and moving them farther from your sparkle.
When you're wondering why all the tangled chaos left you with this?
Open your twinkle eye.

Whirlwinds circle hastily inwards, closer and tighter to their hollow.
They can't handle spring, caught uneasy between searing and chilly pressures.
Lightning beats tornados with jolt-bolts, shocks to energize their sparkle core.
Thunder whips and grumble-rumbles when tornados haven't listened.
Still they bully out of control, unable to open their twinkle eye.
They twist most in May when once frozen buds are growing-up, pushing up-right --
becoming stronger than the weight of the world.

Light your sparkle core with your twinkle eye;
no twisting tighter towards the hollow.

You think you have nothing?
You have everything!