18 May 2012

Active Addiction

I have an active addiction.
A prescription I mix myself.
Try some? However you’d like.
You can shoot, inhale, swallow, or dream it.
(There are a hundred more ways,
just as long as you free wit)

To be high on junk is an out of body experience,
to be low on junk is the mind’s inexperience.
It will draw me to crowds and isolate me to caves,
I get so built-up. The absurdity saves!
Luckily, there’s abundance.

I neeeeed my fixx. I love the concoction.
Overdose to the point of exhaustion.
I have noticed side-effects.
I go astonishing places with company or on my own-some,
Always a friend there, not at all lonesome.

The doctors say there isn’t a cure.
And I’m delighted they’re right.
Does it suffice to say, I’ve got free my psyche?
There’s too great a force to keep the lid tight.
Imagination is my preferred vice.