18 May 2012

Magnitude of Multitude

Silence is full of it – a magnitude of multitude.
Particles parting on tangents in any direction,
their fractals colliding at some funky intersection.
No wonderin' if lost; sure to be wanderlust.
You’re bursting with it too; no one can figure you out.
I like it that way, to be kept on my toes.
Surprise! Here comes the ho-hum prose,
Taken high with rocks and rolls, dropped low
with rhythms and blues, songs of our souls
dust settles onto tired bones rocking in a chair.
That's the truth; so better dare. Run where
fertile fields of fascination buds the allure of imagination. There,
the wildflowers grow. Come
to my garden to reap what I sow! A fruit-
ful(l) lover clogged in the gutter. Left
to explore perplex. Figures to simplify
complex. Suns burn around black holes; haven
in your eyes. Not as empty as they look; merely their disguise.
Don't you see? There is no vacuity.
Potentialists see hope lighting up our ability!
Find the youth of the mortal, meet the catcher in the rye.
Live words to a portal, see the wink of an eye.
I’m full of it, so are you –
a magnitude of multitude.