18 May 2012

On Potentialism

Do you notice the capable of being? The not yet in existence, but which silently devises it all? Potentialism is a theoretical extension of the word ‘potential’ and otherwise means ‘budding’, ‘would-be’, or ‘impending’. This work attempts to illustrate the practical daily effects potentialism has on our overall livelihood. My motivation is to find resilience in each moment, effectively strengthening our buoyancy to adapt. How to live a life of potentialism? Based on a literature review, the research suggests that potentialism is generally damaging and dangerous. Following it’s assumption whole heartedly can lead to massive disappointment if an aim is not reached.  To the best of my knowledge, that is a pathetic examination. What truly comes abreast from a system of potentialism? If hope and ability coincide at every moment, then a potentialist attitude overcomes emptiness. I tested my hypothesis against criticism and found that hope and ability, two mind’s eye elements, immediately render critiques defenseless. Here, I recognize that potentialism can be damaging if met blindly. Even dangerous if approached with narcissism. However, those who consider living with arms and eyes wide open will find the theory an enriching experience in practice. Potentialism is a way of seeing an exceptional concurrence that each moment gifts to our universe. The mission is to heighten the awareness of the destiny of hope and ability, in order to enable a perceiver to seize significance in transitory time.  Bareness is overcome by the concurrent coupling of a widely available up-lifter which inspires what can be learned, if not naturally endowed, upon the perceiver. This conclusion is not based on realism, liberalism, socialism, constructivism, opportunism, positivism, individualism, pessimism, classism, racism, fascism, protectionism or sheer optimism.  My study is based on Gratitude-ism, and Namaste-ism, and Luck-ism.  In sum, your potential mission is already aborted if you don’t see it. Conversely, if you do see potential, your mission only may fall short in practice. Either way, your odds of fulfillment are better if you try. So, do!

     Potentialism believes in the concurrence of hope and ability at each moment, regardless of circumstance.
     Potentialists are inspired to see hope and ability regenerating existence, regardless of circumstance.